‘Road’ is the 12th song on Paul McCartney’s 16th solo studio album New.

It was one of four songs from the album written in collaboration with producer Paul Epworth; the others were ‘Save Us’, ‘Queenie Eye’, and the Japan-only bonus song ‘Struggle’.

‘Road’ emerged from a studio jam session with McCartney on Moog synthesiser and Epworth playing drums. The initial recordings were laid down at McCartney’s Hog Hill Mill studio in Sussex.

Further overdubs were later recorded at AIR Studios, London and Henson Studios, Los Angeles, with McCartney adding piano, keyboards, celeste and other instruments.

I guess with that one we were aiming for something that was a little more esoteric and musically complex than the others I’d worked on. It’s like a journey. That actually started out with me on drums and him on Moog and it sounded like something by The Fall or Can.
Paul Epworth
NME, November 2013

Disregarding bonus tracks on various editions, ‘Road’ was the final listed song on the New album. On the standard release it was followed by the hidden track ‘Scared’.

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