‘Who Cares’ is the fifth track on Egypt Station, Paul McCartney’s 17th solo studio album.

With ‘Who Cares’ I was thinking about a song where you’re actually talking to the people who may listen to it. And in my case I was imagining the young fans, or just young people generally who might hear this, and who are going through some sort of problem where they’re being picked on, being put on.

These days it would be internet bullying, trolls and all that. In my school days it would have just been bullies and people just generally picking on each other. So I know that happens all over the world to millions of people.

So my thing was to kind of try and help, try and help, almost give some sort of advice.

So the song says, you know: “Have you ever been fed up with being bullied? Has this ever happened? With people who have called you names, who have done all these mean things. Has this ever happened to you? Well who cares?” And then the twist at the end of that chorus is like: ‘Well who cares? I do.’

Paul McCartney

I was actually thinking about Taylor Swift and her relationship to her young fans and how it’s sort of a sisterly thing. And I was imagining talking to one of these young fans and saying, ‘Have you ever been bullied? Do you get bullied?’ Then I say, ‘Who cares about the idiots? Who cares about all this? Who cares about you? Well… I do.’
Paul McCartney

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