US album release: Working Classical by Paul McCartney

Working Classical, Paul McCartney’s third album of classical music, was released in the United States on 19 October 1999.

The album contained reworked versions of a number of songs written by McCartney for his late wife Linda. While planning a memorial service, McCartney considered the music she might have chosen herself.

It might have been some loud rock ‘n’ roll, or perhaps something of mine. So I made a list of songs I had written specifically with Linda in mind.
Paul McCartney

Working Classical album artwork - Paul McCartney

Working Classical was released in the UK on 18 October 1999, where it peaked at number two in the classical charts.

It topped the US classical charts after being released the following day, 19 October 1999. Unlike his earlier classical works, however, it did not enter the mainstream charts.

Last updated: 19 July 2021
UK album release: Working Classical by Paul McCartney
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