‘Valentine Day’, the third song on Paul McCartney’s 1970 début solo album, was recorded at his home studio at 7 Cavendish Avenue, St John’s Wood, London.

Recorded at home. Made up as I went along – acoustic guitar first, then drums (maybe drums were first). Anyway – electric guitar and bass were added and the track is all instrumental. Mixed at EMI. This one and MOMMA MISS AMERICA were ad-libbed, with more concern for testing the machine than anything else.
Paul McCartney, 1970

McCartney recorded ‘Valentine Day’ alone, adding each instrument using his multitrack Studer tape recorder. He later explained the process to broadcaster and writer Paul Gambaccini:

What I did was to just go into the studio each day and just start with a drum track. Then I built it up a bit without any idea of how the song was going to turn out. It’s like a reverse way of working. After laying down the drum track I added guitars and bass, building up the backing track.
Paul McCartney, 1970

Along with ‘That Would Be Something’, ‘Valentine Day’ was mixed at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, on 22 February 1970, eight days after St Valentine’s Day. On that day McCartney also recorded the songs ‘Every Night’ and ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’.

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