‘Back In The Sunshine Again’ is the twelfth song on Paul McCartney’s 2001 album Driving Rain.

Along with ‘Spinning On An Axis’, it was one of two songs on the album co-written by McCartney and his son James.

The song was written while McCartney was on holiday in America in 1996.

‘Back In The Sunshine Again’ was written in Arizona about five years ago; the idea of getting out of the English winter and into the Arizona sun was very appealing, so I started writing it – with the help of my son James, who contributed to the riff and the bridge. I finished the song in California, shortly before I started the album. It’s a good time, back in the sun song – about leaving behind all our troubles and moving forward into the sunshine, which also fits with my present mood in life, my present situation. James came and played rhythm guitar on the session with the band, he was the only guest artist on the album – which was fitting, as he had helped me write it.
Paul McCartney
paulmccartney.com, November 2001

‘Back In The Sunshine Again’ was recorded at Henson Studios in Los Angeles in February 2001, during a three-week block of sessions.

Recorded 28th February 2001 onto 16-track analogue tape then loaded into Logic Audio for overdubs David Leonard mixed this track. Paul played Höfner bass and sang the vocal then overdubbed Epiphone electric guitar and more vocals. James played Parker electric guitar then overdubbed a guitar solo part. Abe played his drum kit. Rusty played Gibson SG electric guitar. Gabe played piano.
paulmccartney.com, November 2001

McCartney never performed ‘Back In The Sunshine Again’ live in concert.

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