‘Heaven On A Sunday’ is the eighth song on Paul McCartney’s tenth solo album Flaming Pie.

It was written on McCartney’s boat in August 1996, during a family holiday in America.

I was out sailing in a small boat; just me, the sail, the wind. Peaceful, like Heaven On A Sunday. That opening line led me through the song, I though it’d be nice to play with James, my son, so we traded phrases. Lovely to do.
Paul McCartney
Flaming Pie liner notes

This is the most recent of all the songs on Flaming Pie, written shortly before I finished the album. I like to sail when I’m on holiday: just me, the wind and a little boat – a Sunfish. I was having a very relaxing time, and this is when I came up with the song. The opening line led me through. I like the idea of heaven being busy in the week and peaceful on a Sunday, and I like mentioning Devon – there are a few places called Devon in America, plus the original here in England.
Paul McCartney
Club Sandwich, Summer 1997

‘Heaven On A Sunday’ was recorded at McCartney’s Hog Hill Mill studio on 16 February 1996.

McCartney played the majority of the instruments, and was joined by his teenage son James on electric guitar. It was the first time the pair had collaborated professionally.

James is getting really good on guitar, and though we’ve not played together in a band for 20 years we are simpatico because we’ve lived together for almost 20 – he’s 19 now. It didn’t take long and he wasn’t too nervous: I played some, he answered it, I played some more, he answered some more, and he came up with some really good phrases. It was very satisfying. People have always asked me ‘Are any of your kids musical?’ And yes, they all are. James got a guitar when he was 9 or 10. He loves it. He’s good enough to be on this album on merit.
Paul McCartney
Club Sandwich, Summer 1997

A French horn quartet was overdubbed towards the end of 1996 at Abbey Road Studios, although their sound is mostly buried in the mix.

Paul McCartney never performed ‘Heaven On A Sunday’ live.

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