‘Gratitude’ is the seventh song on Paul McCartney’s 14th solo album Memory Almost Full.

I’ve always had a couple of voices. Originally you’re just a kid at home, like everyone else, and then you start to dream of being a singer. My heroes then were rock ‘n’ rollers, so my ballad voice was based on Elvis and the screamy voice was me trying to be Little Richard. I loved him so much. When I joined the Beatles, John used to like that and it’s stayed with me as something I enjoy doing – that gritty, souly voice. So on this track I was just thinking of how much there is to be grateful for in life, and I wanted to put that into song and use the gritty voice to do it with.
Paul McCartney

‘Gratitude’ was recorded on the same day as ‘Ever Present Past’. According to producer David Kahne, on the track McCartney “really sings his heart”.

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