‘Dominoes’ is the tenth track on Egypt Station, Paul McCartney’s 17th solo studio album.

One of the interesting things about songs is they often come from something that happens in your life. And your song is the reaction to it. And it could be something very small. You just sort of have an argument with someone, and you can just go off and think, ‘I’ll just play guitar for a while, get out of it, you know, get over it.’ And this kind of started like that. So it was just a people song about how things are really all right but they don’t always seem to be all right.

And then I got this image of dominoes – you know, when people line up those millions of dominoes, and then they drop the first one and it goes through this whole sequence. So I imagined that as being symbolic of life and, you know, how one little action can have such a big effect on this huge line of dominoes.

And then when I recorded it, it seemed I wanted to do it very personally. It was a sort of personal song. You know, even though we go through all this stuff, and all these dominoes fall over and life goes on, and in fact in the end it’s OK.

Paul McCartney

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