‘Made Up’ was one of five tracks which featured on the Liverpool Sound Collage album. It was credited to Paul McCartney and The Beatles.

The track lasts 13’01” and consists mostly of a looped drum track and bass part, over which appears snippets of speech along with samples from McCartney’s 1991 classical piece Liverpool Oratorio.

The speech is largely made up of interviews McCartney conducted on the streets of Liverpool in 1999, asking residents what they thought of the city and The Beatles. At one stage he visits the location of the Cavern Club, and appears to be surrounded by excited Liverpudlians.

Twice during ‘Made Up’, at 6’12” and 9’47”, samples from a The Beatles’ recording session are used. They were recorded during the 8 November 1965 session for ‘Think For Yourself’, which appeared on Rubber Soul.

Paul: Hang on. John’s just broken a string.
Ringo: Mal, will you come down and fix the seat?
George: The bit that John finally got.
John: Oh, well I can get back of it.

Prior to the recording of take one of ‘Think For Yourself’, George Martin captured the group’s rehearsal and dialogue, hoping that some of the material may have been suitable for their 1965 Christmas fan club single. It wasn’t used for that purpose, but the box was marked “This will eventually be issued”.

Six seconds of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison practising their vocal harmonies on the tape were used in the Yellow Submarine film in 1968; other than that, the dialogue remained unused until Liverpool Sound Collage.

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