Paul McCartney live albums

Tripping The Live Fantastic

5 November 1990 (UK)
6 November 1990 (US)

‘Figure Of Eight’
‘Rough Ride’
‘Got To Get You Into My Life’
‘Band On The Run’
‘Ebony And Ivory’
‘We Got Married’
‘Inner City Madness’
‘Maybe I’m Amazed’
‘The Long And Winding Road’
‘Crackin’ Up’
‘The Fool On The Hill’
‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’
‘Put It There’
‘Things We Said Today’
‘Eleanor Rigby’
‘This One’
‘My Brave Face’
‘Back In The USSR’
‘I Saw Her Standing There’
‘Twenty Flight Rock’
‘Coming Up’
‘Let It Be’
‘Ain’t That A Shame’
‘Live And Let Die’
‘If I Were Not Upon The Stage’
‘Hey Jude’
‘Get Back’
‘Golden Slumbers’
‘Carry That Weight’
‘The End’
‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’
Tripping The Live Fantastic album artwork - Paul McCartney
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)

13 May 1991 (UK)
4 June 1991 (US)

‘I Lost My Little Girl’
‘Here, There And Everywhere’
‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’
‘We Can Work It Out’
‘San Francisco Bay Blues’
‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’
‘Every Night’
‘She’s A Woman’
‘Hi-Heel Sneakers’
‘And I Love Her’
‘That Would Be Something’
‘Ain’t No Sunshine’
‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’
‘Singing The Blues’
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) album artwork - Paul McCartney
Paul Is Live

8 November 1993 (UK)
16 November 1993 (US)

‘Drive My Car’
‘Let Me Roll It’
‘Looking For Changes’
‘Peace In The Neighbourhood’
‘All My Loving’
‘Robbie’s Bit (Thanks Chet)’
‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’
‘We Can Work It Out’
‘Hope Of Deliverance’
‘Biker Like An Icon’
‘Here, There And Everywhere’
‘My Love’
‘Magical Mystery Tour’
‘C’Mon People’
‘Lady Madonna’
‘Paperback Writer’
‘Penny Lane’
‘Live And Let Die’
‘Kansas City’
‘Welcome To Soundcheck’
‘Hotel In Benidorm’
‘I Wanna Be Your Man’
‘A Fine Day’
Paul Is Live album artwork - Paul McCartney
Back In The US

11 November 2002

Back In The US album artwork - Paul McCartney
Back In The World

17 March 2003

Back In The World album artwork - Paul McCartney
Good Evening New York City

17 November 2009 (US)
14 December 2009 (UK)

Good Evening New York City album artwork - Paul McCartney
Amoeba Gig

19 July 2019

‘Drive My Car’
‘Only Mama Knows’
‘Dance Tonight’
‘C Moon’
‘The Long And Winding Road’
‘I’ll Follow The Sun’
‘Calico Skies’
‘That Was Me’
‘Here Today’
‘Back In The USSR’
‘Nod Your Head’
‘House Of Wax’
‘I’ve Got A Feeling’
‘Get Back’
‘Baby Face’
‘Hey Jude’
‘Let It Be’
‘Lady Madonna’
‘I Saw Her Standing There’
‘Coming Up’ (Soundcheck) – vinyl bonus track