‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ is the closing song on Paul McCartney’s first solo live album Tripping The Live Fantastic.

It was written by Joe Green, and first released in 1946 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five.

‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ was popularised by Ray Charles after it appeared on his 1959 album The Genius Of Ray Charles, and thereafter became a standard.

McCartney’s version was recorded during a soundcheck at the Forum in Montreal, Canada, on 9 December 1989.

Just got back from the world tour and this is being written shortly after.

From Rio to Glasgow, Tokyo through most everywhere and back again, this album captures some of the sounds of those nights on tour – when ‘Spaceman’ ran the red flag up, Curtis pushed the rig out and together with more than 100 others they staged the show.

‘Showtime’ was the call and the shuffle through halls to backstage rituals nightly served to energise this merry band.

And at soundchecks we played old songs from memory or made up pieces to keep ourselves amused. These “trinkets” are sprinkled throughout the album and hopefully convey a certain good humour.

We saw fans with messages replying to our own … we saw emotions and we saw hope for the future … couples necking … grown men crying … children far too young to know … and we played for all of them.

Paul McCartney, August 1990
Tripping The Live Fantastic liner notes

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