‘Hey Hey’ is the ninth track on Paul McCartney’s fourth solo album Pipes Of Peace.

The mostly-instrumental piece was co-written by McCartney and bass guitarist Stanley Clarke.

Writing and recording songs from the beginning, as we did with ‘Hey Hey’ was a great experience. Then Paul said he wanted to give me a co-writer credit, which I very much appreciated; he really didn’t have to do that. So I had co-written a song with Paul McCartney. He’s a really good, genuine guy, and I was so taken with the fact that he wanted to learn from me and play that different kind of bass with me.
Stanley Clarke
Pipes Of Peace Archive Collection, 2015

I’d always thought that some of these people were a bit big time, and I was always shy to play with them. People like Stanley Clarke, a lot of people, when you talked to them, went ‘Wow! Stanley!’ But, of course, he’s a nice fella, nice to talk to and nice to be with, and it wasn’t really as daunting as I’d thought. It seemed a nice way to work, and the music seemed to come alive a bit easier.
Paul McCartney
Club Sandwich, 1983

‘Hey Hey’ was recorded on 19 February 1981 at AIR Studios on Montserrat, during the Tug Of War sessions.

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