McCartney III cover artworkWritten by: McCartney
Recorded: 2020
Producer: Paul McCartney

Released: 11 December 2020

Available on:
McCartney III


Paul McCartney: vocals, all instruments

‘Women And Wives’ is the fourth song on McCartney III, Paul McCartney’s solo album written and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This arrived when I was reading a book on Lead Belly. I was deep in the South and the blues and I sat at the piano one day and started playing the chords at the beginning of the song. Lead Belly inspired that vocal style – “Well, mama…” – that Southern blues thing. It suited that song. “Hear me, husband and lovers/What we do with our lives…” Then I was off on the trail. So suddenly, “Seems to matter to others”. Hey, let’s think about what we’re handing down to them. As a parent and grandparent, you think that kind of stuff.
Paul McCartney
Uncut, January 2021