One of the less experimental songs on the McCartney II album, ‘Nobody Knows’ was an up-tempo blues-inspired number recorded by Paul McCartney in the summer of 1979.

As with ‘On The Way’, ‘Nobody Knows’ was inspired by a British television series on the blues, The Devil’s Music, which was presented by musician Alexis Korner.

That also came about after watching the blues series. I’m a big fan of a lot of the blues players. One of the many funny things for me is that in blues, you’ll get what is supposed to be a 12-bar blues, and then you get odd timings coming in. On many blues records, they’re never exact, so on this track I do the same thing. That was the basic inspiration behind it.
Paul McCartney

‘Nobody Knows’ was the closing song on side one of the McCartney II album, which was released in 1980.

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