‘Get Out Of My Way’ is the tenth song on Off The Ground, Paul McCartney’s ninth solo studio album.

That was really an attempt at writing a straightforward rock and roll song. A lot of people will tell you that they’re often the hardest songs to write, even though they sound very simple. To get them to sound authentic is difficult. So I just put the character in a car and he’s basically talking to the blues – saying ‘get out of my way, don’t tell me what to do, I know what’s happening, I’m going to see my woman tonight’. So it’s a kind of rock and roll love song.
Paul McCartney
Club Sandwich, Spring 1993

Joining McCartney’s band on the track were the Midnight Horns – four saxophonists and a trumpeter.

The big thing about the album for me was that nearly everything I did was done live on the backing track — and the band wouldn’t let me change it! On Get Out Of My Way I did a guitar solo when we were bashing through it which I thought was only all right, so I had another couple of cracks at it and they all said, Naah, leave it. So it’s the original on the record.
Robbie McIntosh
New World Tour programme

McCartney performed ‘Get Out Of My Way’ on 17 dates of the New World Tour in 1993.

That’s a trucking song, I’m gonna see my girl, get outta my way.
Paul McCartney
New World Tour programme

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