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US album release: Rushes by The Fireman (Paul McCartney and Youth)

Rushes, Paul McCartney’s second album with producer Youth, was released in the United States on 20 October 1998. It was credited to The Fireman.

Containing more than 70 minutes of ambient electronica, Rushes was more musically expansive and varied than its predecessor, 1993’s Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest.

Rushes album artwork - The Fireman (Paul McCartney/Youth)

Rushes was released on 21 September 1998 by the Hydra label in the UK, and by Capitol Records in the US on 20 October, on compact disc and double vinyl. It did not chart.

Unlike Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, McCartney’s involvement in The Fireman was well known by the time Rushes was released in 1998.

Two limited edition 12″ singles were also released from Rushes.

The first was released on the same day as the album, and was also titled Rushes. It contained the tracks ‘Fluid’, ‘Appletree Cinnabar Amber’, and an extended version of ‘Bison’ titled ‘Bison (Long One)’.

The second 12″ single was released in 1999, and was titled ‘Fluid (Nitin Sawhney Remixes)’. It came in a yellow sleeve with blank white labels. Just 3,000 copies were pressed, all of which were numbered.

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