Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman holiday in New York

With the White Album finally complete, The Beatles went their separate ways for much of late October and November 1968. On this day Paul McCartney travelled to New York, where he had a 10-day holiday with Linda Eastman.

McCartney and Eastman returned to London on 30 October, having also stopped briefly in Jamaica.

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One response on “Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman holiday in New York

  1. Jonathan

    A little bit more info on the dates around their hols in New York (including Paul`s sneaky return to the Cavern on 25th Oct)

    Thanks to Sara Schmidt – “Meet the Beatles For Real” –

    I believe that the Oct 25th date is correct . Paul, Linda, and Neil made a couple back and forth trips to NYC. Paul & Linda were there from the 20th to the 23rd. They came back & then they & Neil flew back to NYC on the 27th. On the 30th they flew to Jamaica and then came back to London on the 1st of November. They spent some after that in Scotland.

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