Live: Majestic Ballroom, Hull

This was The Beatles' first live show in Hull, Yorkshire, although they would perform there again three times.

The Majestic Ballroom was owned by the Top Rank organisation. The Beatles played there again on 13 February 1963.

The venue opened in November 1920 as the Holderness Hall Cinema, at a cost of £12,000. It was lavishly decorated and seated 2,000 people, later reduced to 1,850.

It was renamed the Gaumont Cinema in 1950, closed in 1959 and reopened soon after as the Majestic Ballroom. This lasted until 1965, when it was converted to a bingo hall. The building was demolished in 2004.

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  1. Ken Platten

    My step father was the manager of the Majestic in Hull when the Beatles appeared there in October 1962 and February 1963. I met them on both occasions. In 1963 they were contracted to Top Rank to play its dance halls so I met them when they went into his office to sign the documentation for confirming attendance. The 1962 appearance had an audience of less than 50 but in 1963 the dance hall was full to its limit and more.

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