‘Bison’ is the sixth track on Rushes, Paul McCartney’s second album as The Fireman.

The album was recorded in February 1998 at Hog Hill Mill, McCartney’s home in East Sussex. It was co-produced by Youth (Martin Glover), McCartney’s collaborator in The Fireman.

Two unreleased McCartney songs from October 1995 were sampled for the album. ‘Palo Verde’ contained a line from ‘Let Me Love You Always’, while ‘Bison’, ‘Auraveda’, and ‘7 a.m.’ all contained elements from ‘Hey Now (What Are You Looking at Me For?)’.

Two limited edition 12″ singles were also released from Rushes.

The first was released on the same day as the album, and was also titled Rushes. It contained the tracks ‘Fluid’, ‘Appletree Cinnabar Amber’, and an extended version of ‘Bison’ titled ‘Bison (Long One)’.

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