The Beatles’ songs

Welcome to the Beatles Bible song list. On this page you'll find links to articles on all the songs recorded by The Beatles during their career, from Love Me Do to Let It Be.

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We've also written about the Anthology tracks, live radio-only recordings from Live At The BBC, and a few extras - such as Child Of Nature and Carnival Of Light - which deserved to be included too.

This list is sorted alphabetically. You can also find songs via the Albums list or the Discography pages.

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  1. Jacob

    Hi, awesome site! Just wanted to say Hello and also mention that the final ‘phase’ of the Beatles was based fully on the Bible. Check out my site to get the whole story. For example, ‘And of course Henry the horse dances the waltz’ comes from Revelation 12: 18. What is odd is that no one until now ever asked the obvious question; that is, “How many steps are required to do the Waltz?”. Look it up- the answer is 6, which repeats as long as one dances, giving us 666…..Get the entire story then sit back and watch the world kill Rock and Roll and Christianity, just as John stated would happen! Be strong!

    1. ForeverOK

      I think it was in one of Lee Strobel’s books, interviewing experts, and one mentioned the actual number is 665 in the original; he said he read the oldest manuscript.

  2. Igor

    I suppose there is a luck of one good song which was issued as a demo. The song is called “goodbye” and its granted by lennon/mccartney, but was of course McCartney lyrics from Abbey Road Sessions.

      1. Igor

        Yeah, I think I was somehow wrong. This song was for Mary. However I’m little bit confused hearing all Abbey Road Sessions when there was a lot of songs sung, but they were actually not a Beatles songs like Lennons Give peace a chance, Instant Karma, McCartneys Come and get it (?) etc.

        1. Joe Post author

          They’re Lennon-McCartney songs, but I have a pretty full to-do list right now and I don’t know if/when I’ll add songs The Beatles never recorded or released. It’s not something I’m too bothered about tbh.

    1. Rick

      I agree, there are many more songs that the Beatles jammed to or recorded but not released. Also there is a site that lists more than 250 ALBUMS with their discography. Of course, there are many duplicates but there are also literally hundreds of songs that are not on this list. BTW, there are some gems!

  3. john

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  4. Billy Shears

    Something happened with the release of Revolver. Prior to that album, almost all of the Beatle songs were Love songs and were of a personal nature. They were sung to and for the listener. Few exceptions can be found…”Michelle” and “Anna” being some of them. Most of their songs were personal love songs. Even when John was self-lothing in songs such as “I’m a loser” and “Run for your life” ( not love songs by any stretch) the message was personal. Personal love songs between the Beatles and the listener was a quality the endeared them to the public. It was indeed their bread and butter from the early days until 1966. The only personal love songs actually aimed at the listener that I can find after “Rubber Soul” are “I will” and (with a little acceptable stretch) “Long, long, long” on the White Album. “Something” is a love song about a girl…but not a personal song aimed at the listener. “I want you (She’s so Heavy” is kind of personal, but not much of a love song. “Long and winding road” could be construed as a love song, but “Love” is not mentioned – only sentimental affection. “Don’t let me down” is more begging and pleading than an outpouring of affection towards the listener (although it is personal). Revolver contains “Got to get you into my life”, but this “Love” song is an ode to POT…Paul’s newfound pal. Examine all the albums after “Rubber Soul” and try to find a personal love song. Once they “Matured” in their song writing… they never returned to love songs. Starting with “Revolver” their songs became darker and worldly. It signaled a loss of innocence. After the breakup, a John recorded a couple of personal love songs, although most were either aimed at Yoko or general…and Paul…well… more than a few…often silly ones. Examine the Beatle album “Love Songs” and check the release dates of the songs…most of the personal – singer to listener – love songs are pre-Revolver.

    1. Robert Dupuis

      John had Yoko, Paul had Linda, George had Patti and Ringo had his wife. They all were in love and getting stoned. Dylan and pot opened them to a whole new way of writing.

  5. cold turkey 1987

    Revolver remains important and the last comment was a perfect example why. There changing writing while fully realized during and after pepper certainly became a strong feature of revolover. My favorite beatles album.

  6. manteau

    How about a mono/stereo releases big theme , and various versions? like , on the german LP “With the beatles”, “all my loving” is preceded with a 5 ticking ( Ringo on the charlie, or cymbals), and “Money” doesn’t have any percussions during the intro….you know, every little thing!

  7. Billy Pilgrim

    Where on this site or elsewhere can I find a list of who actually or predominantly wrote the lyrics for each “Lennon/McCartney” song? I’ve always figured that whoever took the main vocal was doing “their” song. But the harmonies are so tight and the images so powerful that it’s hard to tell, or even care, in the moment of listening.

  8. Devan

    Thank you for organizing this site. It can only be described as awesome! By the way, whatever happened to Ballad of John & Yoko? And to Hippy Hippy Shake in the list of songs?

  9. Bongo

    After 40 years, were still talking about these great songs. Can’t wait to hear the new reissues/re-releases in 5.1 Surround starting with the new Beatles 1 LP. This will lead to everything being reissued again.

  10. Mike Murphy

    On the “HEY HEY HEY HEY” part of Kansas City I’m still not satisfied with the lyrics cited here.
    I’m in an oldies group and we’re trying to get it right. In the Shindig spot I’m seeing John and George answer “Now Child” on the 3rd line as a response. The 4th line response I’m lost. I’m not seeing them sing “pal” as it states. Little Richard says “child” . Any body got any ideas ?

  11. BogeyMusic

    This site is like a paradise for The Beatles fans. Well, for me anyway. I’ve just took a quick run through the songs’ names, and it kind of surprised me to find ‘Now And Then’. As far as I know, this song exist only as a Lennon demo from late 70’s. The three remaining Beatles never did a proper version for Anthology 3, ‘cos George (Harrison) didn’t wanted to record another Lennon solo. Although Paul liked it a lot, and mentioned it a few times that he wishes to finish it himself, and release it. So, why is this song in The Beatles’ songs list? (By the way, I feel with the radical, almost brutal change of George Martin with Jeff Lynne, ‘Free As A Bird’ and especially ‘Real Love’ were damaged to such an extence, that they don’t sound like The Beatles, but more like ELO, which is comparison in no good way).

  12. Bongo

    Joe, I love this thread. I hope when you have more time, you will ad more pictures of the Parlophone or Apple singles instead of using the black Past masters pics on some of these songs. I have most of these pics if you are interested.

    Keep up the great work on this most awesome site!!!!

  13. steven Petrus

    Ok when I got the 62-66, and 67-70 there was a Beatles discography enclosed that mentions Thingamabob as a b side of I believe Let it Be. Where can I find this song?

    1. Carlos

      I think ” Goodbye” should be included in the list. If “Come and get it” is included , being “Goodbye ” A Lennon / McCartney composition , the same would have to happen .

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