A Beginning

Anthology 3 album artworkWritten by: George Martin
Recorded: 22 July 1968
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Ken Scott

Released: 28 October 1996 (UK), 29 October 1996 (US)

Personnel unknown; instruments include:
Twelve violins
Three violas
Three flutes

Available on:
Anthology 3

Recorded as an introduction to Ringo Starr's composition Don't Pass Me By, A Beginning remained unissued until 1996, when it appeared on Anthology 3.

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Following Free As A Bird and Real Love, The Beatles had intended to release a third reunion single, an adaptation of a 1970s John Lennon demo called Now And Then. However, George Harrison was reportedly unhappy with the progress made on it, and it was scrapped.

In its place, A Beginning appeared as the first track on Anthology 3. It also appeared in the Yellow Submarine film, just before Eleanor Rigby.

With little or no involvement from The Beatles, A Beginning was composed and scored by George Martin, and recorded on 22 July 1968, using the same orchestra that appeared on Good Night.

5 responses on “A Beginning

  1. John B

    Yes “A Beginning” does appear in the Yellow Submarine film, which calls into question when it was recorded and for what purpose. Yellow Submarine premiered in London on July 17 1968, five days before the supposed date of this recording session!! Did George Martin record it twice?

    1. Joe Post author

      That’s a very interesting question, and I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. Could it be that the recording was inserted into a later print of the film? I know different edits were made over the years (eg the Hey Bulldog sequence wasn’t shown in some countries) – if anyone has an original 1968 print of the film I’d be interested to know.

  2. Bill

    As you may know, music recorded specifically for a film soundtrack & music recorded for the soundtrack album can be two different recordings. In this case, if I remember correctly, the release of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack album was delayed because George Martin wanted to re-record his side of the album. If that’s true, then maybe “A Beginning” is part of those re-recordings.

  3. Gwendolyn

    When I was just listening to the song, my head was saying yellow submarine, yellow submarine and I was like oh! It’s kinda strange that it was on their album because George Martin wrote it and I don’t think any of the members of the beatles were playing any of the instruments

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