Anthology 3 album artworkWritten by: George Martin
Recorded: 22 July 1968
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Ken Scott

Released: 28 October 1996 (UK), 29 October 1996 (US)

Personnel unknown; instruments include:
Twelve violins
Three violas
Three flutes

Available on:
Anthology 3

Recorded as an introduction to Ringo Starr’s composition Don’t Pass Me By, A Beginning remained unissued until 1996, when it appeared on Anthology 3.

Following Free As A Bird and Real Love, The Beatles had intended to release a third reunion single, an adaptation of a 1970s John Lennon demo called Now And Then. However, George Harrison was reportedly unhappy with the progress made on it, and it was scrapped.

In its place, A Beginning appeared as the first track on Anthology 3. It also appeared in the Yellow Submarine film, just before Eleanor Rigby.

With little or no involvement from The Beatles, A Beginning was composed and scored by George Martin, and recorded on 22 July 1968, using the same orchestra that appeared on Good Night.