Live At The BBC

Recorded: January 1963-May 1965
Released: 30 November 1994


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5 responses on “Live At The BBC

  1. Kail

    I can’t believe no one has commented on this album. I had been a lifelong Beatles fan, and had played all their albums thousands of times, when this collection came out I was THRILLED! SO many songs performed by the Beatles that I had never heard before. It was great to hear all these great old rock and roll songs played by my favorite band, I was in heaven. This was also a great peek into the stage show of the Beatles before they made it. GREAT collection!

  2. Bill

    Great re-mastering job on the new version. I’m glad that they eliminated some of the cross-fades & eased out the other ones. Now I can finally program the songs to play in chronological order & not have them sound so herky-jerky. Like the extra bits at the top of Disc 1 & the end of Disc 2 also…

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