Live: NME Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert

The Beatles topped the bill at the New Musical Express' 1963-64 Annual Poll-Winners' All-Star Concert, playing before an audience of 10,000 people at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London.

This was the group's first live performance for 15 weeks. They performed five songs: She Loves You, You Can't Do That, Twist And Shout, Long Tall Sally and Can't Buy Me Love.

The concert was filmed by ABC Television and was broadcast in two parts as Big Beat '64. The Beatles' performance was shown in part two, first shown on Sunday 10 May from 4.05-5.35pm. The broadcast also featured the group receiving their NME awards from actor Roger Moore.

The venue was known as the Empire Pool from its opening year of 1934 until 1978, when it was renamed Wembley Arena.

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2 responses on “Live: NME Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert

  1. Jonas Svensson, Sweden

    First thing that strikes me is “what a weird set list”! She loves you as an opener? Alright, Twist and shout was not yet used as an opener, it was usually toward the end, with Long tall Sally as a rousing finale. Here the new song Can´t buy me love is the finisher. And it is the same again in Around The Beatles a couple of days later as well as in the Dutch TV show in June. Also, since this is the first known live performances of two of the songs, we can only enjoy watching them being unsure about the arrangement of You can´t do that. John starts a solo before the bridge and Paul wanders off during the solo, leaving George to do the “You can´t do that” vocal fills alone.

    1. Jonas Svensson, Sweden

      It is also interesting that even with the winning band on stage, the microphones are wiggling all over, and there is nobody to fix it for them, not even Mal. The idea of a roadie was yet to be invented. Obviously they don´t know how to tighten a mike either, as both John and George are seen pushing the mikes back in position rather than fixing them between songs, There are other occasions like this later on. And for some reason the bass drum is all but covered by a blank sheet.

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