The Beatles live: Hambleton Hall, Liverpool

This was The Beatles’ 15th performance at Hambleton Hall in Huyton, Liverpool.

It was booked by Wally Hill and Vic Anton, the promoters at the hall at the east of Liverpool. Hambleton Hall was a shabby municipal building which later became a probation office, situated on St David’s Road in Page Moss, Huyton.

The Beatles played their first London show the night before, and returned to Liverpool on this day. The return journey took several hours and they arrived late to Hambleton Hall and were only able to play a 15-minute set. Hill and Anton still paid the group’s £15 fee, but grudgingly. Brian Epstein, who was waiting at the venue for the group to arrive, was appalled by their lackadaisical attitude towards fulfilling bookings.

The Beatles played at Hambleton Hall on 16 occasions. The other dates were 25 January; 1, 8, 15 and 22 February; 8 and 20 March; 20 August; 3 and 17 September; 15 and 29 October; 12 and 26 November; and 13 January 1962.

Last updated: 24 January 2024
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