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The Beatles live: Granada Cinema, East Ham, London

The eighth date of The Beatles’ 1963 Autumn Tour took place at the Granada Cinema in East Ham, London.

The Beatles' 1963 winter tour programmePrior to the concert, George Martin gave The Beatles news from EMI that their forthcoming single, ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, was likely to have more than one million advance sales ahead of its release.

Also present at the venue was Alun Owen, the screenwriter who had been shadowing The Beatles for the past three days. Owen was observing their lifestyle and characters, having been suggested by producer Walter Shenson to write a script for the group’s first, as-yet untitled, feature film.

The Beatles performed 10 songs at the Granada Cinema: ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, ‘From Me To You’, ‘All My Loving’, ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘Boys’, ‘Till There Was You’, ‘She Loves You’, ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ and ‘Twist And Shout’.

The scenes outside the venue were so chaotic that, when The Beatles requested food, the delivery person had to be accompanied by a police escort to make it through the crowds of fans.

This was the second time The Beatles played at the Granada. The first had taken place on 9 March 1963, the first date of the group’s second theatre tour of the UK.

Last updated: 25 January 2024
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