Julian Lennon hits out at Beatles ‘snubs’

Julian Lennon has published a rant on his Facebook account in which he appears to hit out at Sir Paul McCartney, Olivia Harrison and other members of The Beatles’ inner circle.

The son of John and Cynthia Lennon published a rant on the social networking site in which he complained of being excluded from various recent Beatles-related events.

Wow… Snubbed at Maccas Wedding, Snubbed at the Anniversary of ‘LOVE’ in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca’s Wedding reception in NYC, last night Snubbed at George’s Film Premier….
What Have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events…. I thought WE had a relationship… Obviously not….
Gimme some truth… Maybe now it’s time to tell the Truth…. I & My Mother will NOT be eradicated from History… How dare they…
Julian Lennon

Yoko Ono was present at all but McCartney’s wedding, while Sean Lennon was present at the New York wedding party and the Love anniversary in Las Vegas. Olivia and Dhani Harrison were present at the London premiere of Martin Scorsese’s documentary on George Harrison and McCartney’s London wedding reception. Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach attended the London wedding ceremony.

A McCartney source said Julian’s lack of invitation to the wedding events was an “oversight”, and that it was thought he was at his home near Lake Como in Italy. The Love anniversary, meanwhile, was organised by Apple, and Yoko Ono serves as John Lennon’s sole representative on the board.

Julian is regarded as part of the family, but everyone just assumed he was in Italy.
Paul McCartney spokesman

UPDATE: 22 October 2011

The message was deleted from Lennon’s Facebook page, and the following comment left:

Rising Above… Always have, Always will… & Better for it…
I Luv You Mum… Thank You…. x
Julian Lennon


UPDATE TWO: 5 November 2011

Julian Lennon posted another message on Facebook, attacking the media and claiming his original comments were merely “whimsical”.

How do ‘The Gutter Press’ live with themselves ?
Just So much Bullsh*t… Seems many have taken My comment from the other week, a little too far… It was truly written, hand on Heart, with a Whimsical heart… The situation was laughable, more than anything…
Wasn’t whining… just stating the facts…
Obviously people misplace & mistake My sense of humour & character… C’est La Vie…. 😉
Julian Lennon
Last updated: 22 September 2021
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