Recording: Oh! Darling, Come Together, The End

Studio Three, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonald

This day's session began with Paul McCartney finally recording the lead vocals for Oh! Darling.

McCartney had been arriving at the studio early each day for several mid-July 1969 sessions, in an attempt to capture a suitably raw take. He taped just one performance on each day before setting Oh! Darling aside for another day. On this afternoon, however, the final attempt was recorded.

More vocals were then added to Come Together, before work began on The End, which at this stage had the working title of Ending.

The Beatles began by rehearsing the song a number of times, before recording seven takes of the backing track. The best, take seven, was 1'20" long, but was extended after overdubs were added at a later date.

The backing track featured guitar, bass, drums and piano. The drums were, uniquely on a Beatles recording, taped onto two tracks of the eight-track tape. Ringo Starr's drum solo changed slightly with each take.

The day ended with an hour-long playback of songs recorded so far, held in the control room of Studio Two.

Recording: Oh! Darling, Come Together
Recording, mixing: Come And Get It, Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard
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