Live: Shea Stadium, New York

A little over a year after their first triumphant appearance at New York's Shea Stadium, The Beatles returned for a second time.

The concert did not sell out, with 11,000 of the 55,600 tickets still available. Nonetheless, The Beatles made more money from their appearance than they had in 1965, receiving $189,000 - 65 per cent of the gross takings of $292,000.

Curiously enough the second Shea Stadium concert had about 11,000 seats unsold. So it was a pretty unsettling time. And it was against this background that they said, 'Right, we definitely won't do any more. We are going to have a break and then we are going into the studio to make a record.'
George Martin

The support acts were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The Beatles performed 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and Long Tall Sally.

During the performance of Day Tripper hundreds of fans broke through barriers and attempted to reach the stage. They were held back by security guards and none managed to get close to The Beatles.

When they played Shea Stadium again, for me it blended in with the first one, though it was said there were slightly fewer people there than the year before. For some reason I missed the police van that was taking us. I had gone back for something, and before I could get in the van, they slammed the doors and of it went. I was left at the hotel, so I got a cab, but that broke down in Harlem. Another cab took me to the stadium, but there were thousands of people, and I thought: 'Oh God, they're really going to let me in! I'm going to just knock on the door and say, "I'm with The Beatles?"' Then I saw the four of them banging out of a window, and they saw me wandering round the car park. It was like magic; they were shouting, 'There he is! Let him in!'
Neil Aspinall

Straight after the concert The Beatles flew to Los Angeles. They arrived the following morning in the early hours and enjoyed a rest day before flying on to Seattle.

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8 responses on “Live: Shea Stadium, New York

  1. mary

    I was at the august 23 1966 concert, and I will never forget it. I still can see the concert and what happened. I need to find a good photo of that day. It was great.

  2. Pat Stratpicker

    Wow that’s great (“greatful” dead??) gayleg54…but that song, Casey Jones wasn’t released until 1970-four years after you say you and everyone were singing it. That was some pretty good LSD-25 in ’66 huh?

  3. Peter Blaise

    I WAS THERE in 1966: The Beatles at Shea Stadium – ayone else?

    PIERCINGLY loud before the lads showed up, then it got LOUDER — the songs were muffled at best, they were tiny little things -w-a-y- down on the field, John was laughing because even he couldn’t hear himself sing and realized that he could be singing anything and no one woudl care, and their miniscule set of “amplifiers” were what was needed for perhaps the Cavern Club, not Shea Statuim (yet, the painfully loudest I’ve ever heard was … Jackson Browne?!, who for some reason had every amp set on 11, ‘nuther story!).

    They played some songs from Rubber Soul, and I kid of knew their musinc was now studio, not stage — “Yesterday” to obliterating screams?

    Special personal thanks to Magnificent Mary Beth for expanding her love of pop performers and music from Rickie Nelson, and bringing us along for the ride — box seats over home plate — wow!

    Trivia Q: one opening act … and author of their song …?

    A: The Cyrkle sang “Red Rubber Ball” by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley (of The Seekers).

  4. Barry Smith

    gayleg54 is making up a story. The Grateful Dead was just an unknown California bar band in August of 1966, and Casey Jones wasn’t even around until 1970, when the Beatles had already broken up.

  5. goatini

    Pretty sure that in 1966 at Shea, it was Roy Head instead of the Remains. The Remains may have played other dates on the tour, but I am pretty sure that this was not one of them. I remember writing a comment in my souvenir program about Roy’s enthusiastic and athletic performance, and I completely do not remember the Remains being on the bill at all. The rest of the opening acts are correct.

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