‘Love In Song’ is the third song on Wings’ fourth studio album Venus And Mars.

The song was written by Paul McCartney under the working title ‘Lovin’ Song’.

I sat down, I had my 12-string and I started to write this thing. I thought, ‘That’s a nice opening,’ you know. ‘My heart cries out for love’. I thought, ‘That’ll do for a nice opening for a love song.’ I liked one of the other lines, ‘My eyes cry out as a tear still born in misunderstanding.’ I thought, ‘That’s a nice little line.’ Otherwise, it’s just a tune that, sort of, came forth. I feel I don’t have a lot of control over some songs but some songs I do. But with this song, I just started playing my guitar, singing those words, wrote them down and I said to Linda, ‘How do you like that?’ And that was it.
The Beatles – The Dream Is Over: Off The Record 2, Keith Badman

In the studio

Wings began recording Venus And Mars at Abbey Road in late 1974. McCartney recruited Jimmy McCulloch and Geoff Britton to play lead guitar and drums respectively, and the new line-up recorded ‘Letting Go’, ‘Love In Song’, and ‘Medicine Jar’, as well as early versions of ‘Rock Show’.

‘Love In Song’ was taped in 19 takes on 7 November 1974. The basic track had Paul on piano, Linda on Moog synth, Denny Laine on electric guitar, McCulloch on 12-string, and Britton on drums.

McCartney also overdubbed a double bass part, using the instrument previously owned by Elvis Presley’s bassist Bill Black.

‘Love In Song’ was worked on again at Allen Toussaint’s Sea Saint Studios in New Orleans in early 1975. The overdubs included handbells, brought by the McCartneys from England.

The song was completed at Sunset Sound Recorders in Los Angeles on 10 March, with the addition of strings and harp.

‘Love In Song’ was never performed live by McCartney or Wings.

The release

‘Listen To What The Man Said’ was released as a single ahead of Venus And Mars, on 16 May 1975 in the UK and 26 May in the USA. ‘Love In Song’ was on the b-side.

The single topped the charts in Canada and the USA, and went top ten in Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK.

Venus And Mars followed in the USA on 27 May 1975, and three days later in the UK.

The single was included in the 2022 collection The 7″ Singles Box, where it was presented with its Australian artwork.

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