Autograph signing: Dawson’s music shop, Widnes

The Beatles took part in only four official autograph signing sessions, two of which were on this day.

The first was at Dawson's music shop, at 29 Albert Road in Widnes, Cheshire. The signing began at 4pm and lasted for half an hour.

This was the day after the group's first single, Love Me Do, was released. Each Beatle signed their name on the single's red and silver label. Copies today are extremely valuable, due in part to the short duration of the signing.

The Beatles' second autograph signing session took place later on this day, at The Music Shop, 134 Widnes Road, Widnes.

The third signing occurred on 24 January 1963 at NEMS, Brian Epstein's record store in Liverpool, to coincide with the release of the Please Please Me single. A fourth session took place at the Wimbledon Palais, London on 14 December 1963, following their show for the Southern Area Fan Club members.

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13 responses on “Autograph signing: Dawson’s music shop, Widnes

  1. Garry Marsh

    I once owned a copy of a signed Love Me Do, with a letter from the young lady who got it on this day. It cost me £250, and I sold it some time later for an extra £15, ‘cos I needed the money! Very sad. Regards, Garry.

  2. Tony Barrow

    Dawson’s (Albert Rd, not Church St) and The Music Shop (Widnes Rd) were two separate shops, and the Beatles signed copies of Love Me Do at both places on Oct. 6th 1962.

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks for the information. Am I right in assuming you’re *the* Tony Barrow? In which case many thanks for visiting!

      Do you happen to know at what times the two signings took place on this day, or in which order they happened?

      I’m also trying to find out the precise address of Dawson’s on Albert Road (I know The Music Shop was 134 Widnes Road). If anyone can help please let me know and I’ll update the map location.

      1. Tony Barrow

        Hi Joe

        Dawson’s address was 29, Albert Rd, Widnes. The confusion may have arisen because they also had a branch at 50, Church St, Runcorn. As for The Music Shop address… you’re spot on.

        There’s a great little book by Cliff Hayes which may give the times of the signings, I’ll have to root it out.

        Incidentally, the Beatles Shop in Mathew Street is currently asking £5,000+ for a copy of Love Me Do signed at Dawsons!


        1. Joe Post author

          Tony, you’re a great guy. Thanks for everything.

          I’ll create a second page for the Music Shop signing. If you managed to find a time for the signings I’ll amend accordingly. Thanks again.

      1. Tony Barrow

        From ‘The Changing Face of Widnes’, by Cliff Hayes…

        “The Beatles turned up at Dawsons and the Music Shop Widnes to promote the release of their Parlophone single ‘Love Me Do’. They picked me up in Ditton, with Brian Epstein driving his family car. We were early and went into the Ball pub for a drink. So the Ball pub can say the Beatles drank there.”

        Unfortunately, there’s no mention of what time they went where, though.


  3. Tony Barrow

    There was one other official record-signing engagement for the Beatles, mentioned in Mark Lewisohn’s ‘Complete Beatles Chronicle’. Before their concert at Boras, Sweden on Monday 28th October, 1963, the Beatles spent the afternoon signing records at a store called Waidele Musik in Boras,

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks Tony. I’ll see if I can dig up any more info on that event, and add it to the history section. If you spot any other omissions please let me know (you can contact me directly via the link at the foot of every page, should you wish).

  4. Jonas Svensson

    Just about everything you need to know about the Swedish concerts (except some pictures I have) can be found in the book “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – The Beatles Erövrar Sverige” (means Conquer Sweden). I think there is a photo in it from the Waidele signing session in Borås. The book is all in glorious Swedish and the photos are absolutely geeat. Comes with a CD with interviews -in English. There´s a picture in the book, George looks quite funny! I don´t know how to include it in this post though, and it should really be in the Borås date Oct 28 1963 instead. Let me know if you need it.

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