Paul McCartney live: Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

Paul McCartney performed at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 21 April 1990.

It was the 87th date of the Paul McCartney World Tour, which lasted for 102 dates across 14 countries between September 1989 and July 1990, and the second of two consecutive nights in Rio de Janeiro.

This show set a new world record, with McCartney performing to 184,368, people the largest stadium crowd thus far in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

The performance of ‘The Long And Winding Road’ from this show appears on the 1990 live album Tripping The Live Fantastic. Furthermore, the recording of ‘PS Love Me Do’ was released as a b-side of the ‘Birthday’ live single in October 1990.

McCartney’s band was Linda McCartney on vocals, keyboards, and percussion; Hamish Stuart on guitar, bass guitar, and vocals; Robbie McIntosh on guitar and vocals; Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens on keyboards and vocals; and Chris Whitten on drums and percussion.

The Maracana Stadium in the 90s: that has to be a special show. We know all the stories – the rain, rain, rain, go away, come another washing day. And there’s me saying ‘Don’t worry, it’ll stop.’ Then it did, 10 minutes before the show — and all my crew have been praying to me ever since! There were 184,000 people in the audience, which set a new world record – although we suspect there were more because there were 5,000 people behind the stage, who couldn’t see anything except me getting changed. Which was worth the ticket for that. And, apparently, there were people doing rude things in the audience, which I still want to see the video of. All of that: the footballers getting mad at us for ruining their pitch. But a big record, which still stands. A great show – people say to me ‘Weren’t you nervous?’ But because we’d been on tour so long by then, we knew it although I must admit that Wix and Robbie did have two brandies before they went on to steady their nerves. But I can’t do that, because I forget the words if I have a drink. So I just have a smell of theirs. Magnificent, great show.
Paul McCartney
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McCartney returned to the Maracanã Stadium on 16 December 2023 during the Got Back Tour.

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Paul McCartney live: Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
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