Live: Pigalle Club, London

The Beatles performed at this London night club and restaurant on just this one occasion, following their first appearance at the New Musical Express Poll-Winners' All-Star Concert in Wembley.

Although the Pigalle later became a fashionable destination for London clubbers, on this occasion the audience almost entirely consisted of Jewish people, as the concert had only been advertised - for reasons unknown - in the weekly Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

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8 responses on “Live: Pigalle Club, London

  1. Steph

    21/04/63 Pigalle Club, Picadilly

    The reason the gig was only advertised in the Jewish Chronicle was because it was a charity “do” with all proceeds going to a (Jewish, I think) charity.
    Check Jewish Chronicle archives for 19/04/63 for more information.

  2. sue

    I was there and I lived in South London. So was my future husband, who was from Ilford, although we didn’t meet until 1967. I stood outside the Pigalle and shook hands with them all as they left. Stupidly I didn’t get their autographs. A great night!!

  3. Martin Lester

    I was there with my girlfriend nobody really took much notice of them we just danced the night
    away.Could have got thier autographs but who new!
    I know Barry Milner i was at his Hair Salon a little while back he is my wifes cousin in law.

  4. Tony Burnetts

    Yeah I was there too with my mate at the time Alan from Ilford…we went next door the Pigalle before the dance to Fortes Milk Bar and noticed a couple of guys with hair brushed forward and stage make up on their faces I think that having read Beatles history it was Paul Mcartney and Ringo Starr.The Beatles gave a good show and stopped the crowd from dancing to just stand and listen…..I remember that they closed the stage curtains before introducing The Beatles and while this was happening John Lennon poked his head around the curtain for a peek…….I think the reason the band performed this gig is the fact that Brian Epstein being jewish and knowing the London Jewish Scene at the time may have been offered to air the band to a discerning jewish audience……..Tony from Southgate

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