Filming: Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles filmed promotional footage for their forthcoming single ‘Hello, Goodbye’ at London’s Saville Theatre on this day.

Without an audience present, they mimed to the song on stage. At the time the theatre was still leased by NEMS Enterprises, despite the recent death of Brian Epstein.

Paul McCartney and Tony Bramwell were the co-directors of the three promo clips made, and Bramwell was the producer.

Different costumes were used for each of the clips. For the first The Beatles wore their Sgt Pepper uniforms before a psychedelic backdrop. The clip also had cutaways of the group waving to the camera in their 1963 collarless suits, and some dancing girls wearing Hawaiian costumes in the finale.

The second clip had The Beatles in their normal (for 1967, at least) clothes, with the dancing girls again appearing in the finale. The third was made of outtakes from the first two clips, plus footage of The Beatles dancing the Twist.

Last updated: 20 October 2022
Recording, mixing, editing: Blue Jay Way, Flying, Magical Mystery Tour
Mixing: Hello, Goodbye
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