Live: Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle

This was The Beatles' first live show in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The venue was situated on Westgate Road.

They performed once more at this venue in 1963, and three times at the City Hall, returning there in 1965.

The site of the Majestic Ballroom was originally a cinema, the Picture House, which was open between 1912 and 1927. It reopened later that year as the New Westgate Cinema.

The venue became the Majestic Ballroom from 26 February 1959, and after many music shows was later converted to a bingo club. In 2005 it was restored and reopened as the Academy, and is still in use as a music venue.

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  1. Pauline. nee Martin.

    I was there. John Lennon asked me out and then sang to me, Please Please me. Does anyone remember. That is, apart from the young man who took me. you know who you are. Thank You so much. Are there any photo`s please?

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