Live: Three Coins Club, Manchester

This was the second time The Beatles performed at this club at 64 Fountain Street, Manchester; the first was in November 1961.

The venue was a coffee bar cellar club, a long narrow room with the stage at the far end. The club was run by Kennedy Street Enterprises and was part-owned by radio presenter Jimmy Savile.

In 1964 the Three Coins was taken over by new owner Barrie Collens and renamed Beat City.

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One response on “Live: Three Coins Club, Manchester

  1. Beryl Coyne

    I have been prompted to remember something Jimmy Saville said when he was playing records and making announcements while being a disc jockey at the club. This would be about 1964.
    I just wondered if anyone else who went to the 3 Coins remembers Jimmy Saville saying something suggesting that if a girl had become pregnant and needed an abortion to speak to him and he would help them. The girl I used to go with to the club died aged 42 some 22 years ago.

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