‘I Am Your Singer’ is the sixth song on Wings’s debut album Wild Life.

‘Some People Never Know’ was just me and Linda’s love song, us against the world. ‘I Am Your Singer’ is similar.
Paul McCartney
Conversations with McCartney, Paul Du Noyer

The song was recorded in ten takes, only six of which were complete, at Abbey Road on 24 July 1971, the first session for the album.

It was completed five days later with overdubbed recorders. They were played by members of the Dolmetsch-Blood families who had worked with the McCartneys the previous month on the Thrillington album.

Wild Life contains a rough mix of ‘I Am Your Singer’ prepared by engineer Alan Parsons for McCartney to take away. It was deemed good enough for inclusion on the final album.

An edit of ‘Love Is Strange’ with ‘I Am Your Singer’ on the b-side was scheduled for single release in the UK in early 1972, but it was pulled after white label copies were pressed. It was, however, included in the 2022 box set The 7″ Singles Box.

‘Love Is Strange’ was the lead song on a five-song Mexican EP, which also featured ‘I Am Your Singer’, ‘Bip Bop Link’, ‘Tomorrow’, and ‘Mumbo’.

Wings performed ‘I Am Your Singer’ during their Wings Over Europe Tour in 1972.

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