‘Tomorrow’ is the eighth song on Wings’s debut album Wild Life.

Paul McCartney recorded a demo of the song in the summer of 1970, prior to the Ram sessions.

According to the notes written to accompany the demo, ‘Tomorrow’ was apparently conceived as a parody of The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’. Aside from the similar titles, the two songs share the same opening chords – D, C#m7, F#7, Bm7 (although ‘Yesterday’ is in the key of F).

‘Tomorrow’ was a song Linda’s dad really loved, and he said, ‘You should do a version of that really slow.’ But I could never get it slow enough for him! It’s very much like going into a local shop in France and buying a baguette and some cheese and going and sitting under a tree in a vineyard – sounds all right to me!
Paul McCartney
Billboard, 17 March 2001

Wings recorded ‘Tomorrow’ in five takes at Abbey Road on 26 July 1971. McCartney initially played piano, with Denny Laine on electric guitar and Denny Seiwell on drums. Overdubs were added on 30 July, 1 September, and 5 and 8 October 1971.

I’ve been let down a lot in my mind. I didn’t want to be let down again. The idea was, in the future, let’s make it better.div>

Paul McCartney, 2018
Wild Life Deluxe Edition

McCartney re-recorded ‘Tomorrow’ twice. The first was a reggae-style instrumental in 1975, and the second was taped in 2011 with Diana Krall during the Kisses On The Bottom sessions. Both remain unreleased.

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