A hard day’s knight! Ringo Starr receives his knighthood at Buckingham Palace

Ringo Starr has received his knighthood for services to the music industry.

The former Beatles drummer, 77, was accompanied to Buckingham Palace by his wife Barbara Bach.

Ringo Starr with his knighthood at Buckingham Palace, 20 March 2018

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, bestowed the honour on Starr at the investiture.

Starr’s knighthood comes 21 years after Sir Paul McCartney was knighted, and 53 years after The Beatles received their MBEs.

It means a lot, actually. It means recognition for things we’ve done, musically and in life. So I was really please to accept this award.

Where does it rank compared to your other career achievements?

You mean my first number one? It’s way up there. It is, it’s way up there.

Obviously this is not the first time you’ve been to Buckingham Palace for an honour. 1965, The Beatles came for their MBEs. Compare and contrast today with that.

Well that was a long time ago, and it was four lads, straight out of Liverpool really, then. We’ve all seen a bit of the world since then, and this is another honour. So we had a lot of fun, because there were four of us, and I was a bit shaky today on my own.

Apparently in 1965 you were so nervous you all snuck off to a toilet in Buckingham Palace, had a cigarette.

I know! Who said that? I don’t know, I’m not keeping that rumour going.

You also wore your MBE on the cover of Sgt Pepper’s, famously. What are your plans?

Well, with this I’ll be wearing it at breakfast.

How much will you use the title, Sir?

I don’t know yet. It’s today, you know what I mean? It’s new and I don’t know how you use it properly, but I expect you to use it.

Sir Ringo Starr or Sir Richard Starkey?

Well on the box it says Sir Richard Starkey.

And interestingly it says Beverly Hills.

I know. Well that’s where I live now.

How much is this an award for Liverpool as well?

Well no, I think it all started in Liverpool. Last week Paul and I had dinner in LA together. We were talking about from Liverpool to here. I mean, you know, it’s mad.

And he of course got a knighthood as well in ’97. Was he giving you any advice at dinner?

He did. He said keep smiling.

The ceremony also included awards for writers Michael Morpurgo and Jilly Cooper, and rugby players Sam Warburton and John ‘Ian’ McLauchlan.

Last updated: 23 March 2018
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