The Beatles’ second appearance on Ready, Steady, Go!

This was the second of three performances given by The Beatles for the hugely popular 1960s television show Ready, Steady, Go!

RSG! had begun in August 1963 and lasted until December 1966. It was produced by Associated-Rediffusion (later re-named Rediffusion) which had the ITV franchise for London. The Beatles had first appeared on the show on 4 October 1963.

As before, recording took place at Television House on London’s Kingsway. Following a quick rehearsal The Beatles appeared on the show, which was broadcast live from 6.15pm-7pm.

The Beatles mimed to three songs: ‘It Won’t Be Long’, ‘You Can’t Do That’, and ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’.

During the show they also took part in a mock fashion parade and were given an award from US magazine Billboard in recognition of holding the top three singles chart positions simultaneously. They were also interviewed by host Cathy McGowan.

The performance of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ was broadcast again at 6.10pm on 24 April, during the show Ready, Steady, Go To Montreux!, and again on 15 July 1965 on the programme Pick Of The Songs.

Last updated: 13 July 2022
UK single release: Can't Buy Me Love
US single release: Do You Want To Know A Secret
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