Recording: Here Comes The Sun, Something

Studios Two and Three, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producers: George Martin, Glyn Johns
Engineer: Phil McDonald

The Beatles worked on two George Harrison songs during this day’s recording sessions.

The first session took place in Studio Three from 2.30-7pm, and was produced by Glyn Johns. Harmonium and handclaps were overdubbed onto take 15 of ‘Here Comes The Sun’. The handclaps were added to track eight, and Harrison’s harmonium performance – which was later erased – was recorded on track five.

George Harrison's handwritten lyrics for Here Comes The Sun

From 7pm to 12.30am work switched to Studio Two, and focused on the song ‘Something’.

A reduction mix of the song, numbered take 37, had been made on 11 July 1969, but Harrison ignored it and re-recorded his lead vocals, with harmonies from Paul McCartney and handclaps by Harrison, McCartney, and Starr.

Two new reduction mixes were then made to free up more space. The mixes were numbered takes 38 and 39, and combined piano and lead guitar on track one, drums and percussion on two, bass guitar on track five, guitar through a Leslie speaker on six, vocals on seven, and organ on eight.

Tracks three and four were left available for George Martin’s orchestral overdubs.

George Harrison's handwritten lyrics for Something

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