Editing, recording, mixing: Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: Chris Thomas
Engineer: Ken Scott

Two separate sessions took place on this day, both of which saw work continue on the White Album song ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’.

The first session took place from 7.30pm-5am. The previous day The Beatles had decided that elements of both take 53 and take 65 of the rhythm track had been the best performances of ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun In Your Hand’, as the song was then known.

The day’s first task, therefore, was to an edit to be made of the two parts, directly onto the eight-track tape; this edit can be heard at 1’34” on the released versions.

The Beatles were then able to begin overdubs. These included lead and backing vocals, lead guitar by John Lennon, more bass guitar, organ, piano, hi-hat and tambourine. A tuba, reportedly played by Paul McCartney, was also recorded but left out of final mixes, as were the organ and piano overdubs.

With that the song was complete. A second session took place in the control room of Studio Two from 5-6am in the morning of 26 September 1968, and saw two mono mixes made. These were improved upon later that evening, and the final stereo mix was made on 15 October.

Lyrics for Happiness Is A Warm Gun, transcribed by Mal Evans

Lyrics for Happiness Is A Warm Gun, transcribed by Mal Evans

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Recording: Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Mixing: Happiness Is A Warm Gun, What's The New Mary Jane, Glass Onion, I Will
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