The Beatles’ final Thank Your Lucky Stars appearance

The Beatles had first appeared on the ABC TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars on 13 January 1963. On this day, however, they made their final performance.

They mimed to recordings of three songs before a studio audience: Eight Days A Week, Yes It Is and Ticket To Ride.

They were also interviewed by presenter Brian Matthew, and the show was broadcast between 5.50pm and 6.35pm on 3 April 1965. Filming took place at Alpha Television Studios in Aston, Birmingham.

Thank Your Lucky Stars was past its popularity peak by March 1965, and by the time it ended on 25 June 1966 it was no longer shown in all ITV regions.

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8 responses on “The Beatles’ final Thank Your Lucky Stars appearance

  1. Nick

    This is interesting in that they were able to make this appearance since the previous night is when John, George, and their wives/girlfriends were first given LSD by their dentist friend and were supposedly up all night feeling the effects of the trip.

  2. Steve beauchampe

    The map shows the former ATV studios in Broad Street, central Birmingham, but these are not the Aston studios as Aston is a couple of miles to the north. I’m not actually sure where the ATV studios were in Aston however, perhaps somewhere near Aston Cross.

  3. Steve Beauchampe

    OK, just looked it up…apparently the original ATV Alpha studios was at the former Astoria Cinema in Aston Road North (near to Aston Cross), the place shown on the map didn’t open until the late 1960s and is itself about to be demolished.

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