The Quarrymen live: Wilson Hall, Liverpool

This was the Quarrymen’s second of four performances at Wilson Hall in Liverpool’s Garston district, one of the venues run by local promoter Charlie ‘Mac’ McBain.

It’s believed that this may have been the first time George Harrison saw the group perform, but this is not certain; it’s more likely he first saw them at Wilson Hall on 6 February 1958, although he may have met them elsewhere before then.

The venue was situated opposite the Garston bus depot, and had been built by Francis Wilson. It was a somewhat rough venue favoured by local gangs of Teddy boys.

The Quarrymen’s other performances at Wilson Hall were on Thursdays; this was their only Saturday night booking there.

Last updated: 24 January 2024
The Quarrymen live: New Clubmoor Hall, Liverpool
The Quarrymen live: New Clubmoor Hall, Liverpool
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