Beatles discography: Spain


Please Please Me
Spring 1963
Odeon DSOL 66.041
Please Please Me single artwork - Spain
I Feel Fine
Late 1964
Odeon DSOL 66.046
I Feel Fine single artwork - Spain
Twist And Shout
Spring 1965
Odeon DSOL 66.055
Odeon single sleeve, 1965 - Spain
She Loves You
Spring 1965
Odeon DSOL 66.056
Odeon single sleeve, 1965 - Spain
A Hard Day's Night
Spring 1965
Odeon DSOL 66.057
Odeon single sleeve, 1965 - Spain
Ticket To Ride
Summer 1965
Odeon DSOL 66.064
Ticket To Ride single artwork - Spain
Paperback Writer
Summer 1966
Odeon DSOL 66.073
Paperback Writer single artwork - Spain
Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane
March 1967
Odeon DSOL 66.077
Strawberry Fields Forever single artwork - Spain
All You Need Is Love
July 1967
Odeon DSOL 66.080
All You Need Is Love single artwork - Spain
Hello, Goodbye
December 1967
Odeon DSOL 66.082
Hello, Goodbye single artwork - Spain
Lady Madonna
March 1968
Odeon DSOL 66.086
Lady Madonna single artwork - Spain
Hey Jude
September 1968
Odeon DSOE 16.740
Hey Jude single artwork - Spain
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
January 1969
Odeon OSL 203
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da single artwork - Spain
Get Back
April 1969
Odeon 1J 006-04.084 M
Get Back single artwork - Spain
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
June 1969
Odeon 1J 006-04.108 M
The Ballad Of John And Yoko single artwork - Spain
Come Together/Something
October 1969
Odeon 1J 006-04.266 M
Come Together single artwork - Spain
Let It Be
March 1970
Odeon 1J 006-04.353 M
Let It Be single artwork - Spain
The Long And Winding Road
June 1970
Odeon 1J 006-04.514 M
The Long And Winding Road single artwork - Spain
All Together Now
February 1972
Odeon 1J 006-04.982 M
All Together Now single artwork - Spain

8 responses on “Beatles discography: Spain

    1. Rafa

      «The Ballad of John and Yoko» was only banned on the “Hey Jude” album (1970) and on the “The Beatles/1967-1970” double album (1973). The single was, actually, released in Spain in 1969 (Odeon ?– 1J 006-04.108).

  1. Rafa

    Hello, BeatlesBible

    I would only say that the second spanish EP (“The Beatles’ Hits”) had this songs:

    Side 1:
    «Ella te ama» («She Loves You»)
    «Te tendré» («I’ll Get You»)
    Side 2:
    «Para ti» («From Me to You»)
    «Gracias chiquilla» («Thank You Girl»)

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. santi

    a couple of oddities on the spanish edition
    1. on the beatles (WA) (mono version) at the end of helter skelter, john´s scream: I´ve got blisters on my fingers) was erased.
    2. the stereo cover of splhcb, was the same as the mono one, the only difference is the word: estereofonico written on the right top hand side.
    3. also the cover of the single yellow submarine is unique.

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