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The Beatles’ Box Of Vision gets UK and European release

Following its success in the United States, Box Of Vision, the deluxe companion to The Beatles’ remastered back catalogue, is to be released in the UK and Europe in time for Christmas.

The Beatles Box of Vision cover

Officially licensed by Apple Corps Ltd, the lavish box set was previously only available in North America, where all copies of the first pressing sold out on pre-orders.

The box includes the following three books, unique to the collection:

An LP-sized book, including 200 pages of The Beatles’ album artwork. This marks the first time all The Beatles’ UK and US album artwork has been collected together in a single LP sized book. From Please Please Me and Meet The Beatles through to Love, the book includes front covers, back covers, gatefolds, inserts, and the complete LP booklets from Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be… Naked and Love.

Book two is a ‘catalography’: an full-colour discography containing an extensive collection of phographs, text and tracklisting, presenting the UK and US albums side-by side.

The third book in the Box Of Vision is a storage book, a unique way for Beatles fans to organise and display the 32 compact discs in The Beatles’ core canon. Fans will be able to insert CDs and booklets from their existing collections, including the digi-pack remastered versions.

All three books are housed in a linen-covered black box with silver embossed Beatles logos and faux Beatles LP spines. The 13″x13″ box features the iconic image of The Beatles photographed by Robert Freeman for the original album cover for With The Beatles.

Box Of Vision was conceived by Jonathan Polk, who was Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer at Capitol Records at the time of Love, Let It Be… Naked and the Capitol Albums Vol 1 and 2 collections.

The Beatles invented the rock album format and it was my goal to help ensure that fans can continue to discover and appreciate this single greatest catalog of music the way it was originally created.

I have always been frustrated with the available options for organizing and storing CDs, and I hated the fact that the beautiful LP artwork I grew up with was reduced to almost postage stamp size on CDs. The Box of Vision gives fans the best of all worlds.

Johnathan Polk
Last updated: 1 June 2020
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