Wings live: Newcastle University

The fourth date of Wings’ first tour took place on 13 February 1972 at Havelock Hall in Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

I remember thinking one good thing that might come out of this, in future years we’ll meet people who’ll say, ‘I was a student when you came.’ They might go on to be something, and we’ll be infiltrating with them now. ‘Give Ireland Back to the Irish’ was the message on that tour, so they’ll know we were being a bit political. If they become a big whizz at the BBC or something, they’ll be able to say, ‘I was there, way back when.’

For us it was just to get road experience. We showed up at these places and it was crazy. If we’ve got five hours some time I’ll tell you about it. It’s a whole saga. I remember telling it to [film director] John Schlesinger and he said, ‘Oh, I wish I’d been there, I would have loved to have filmed that.’

The Wings University Tour took place in the UK over eleven days in February 1972, and visited Nottingham (9 February), York (10), Hull (11), Newcastle upon Tyne (13), Lancaster (14), Leeds (16), Sheffield (17), Salford (18), Birmingham (21), Swansea (22), and Oxford (23).

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