Wings live: Birmingham University

The ninth date of Wings’ first tour took place on 21 February 1972 at Birmingham University in England.

The tour was a low-key, impromptu affair in which the band chose a new town or city to visit each day. It was meant as a testing ground for their small number of new songs, and to road test the band. All but one of the tour dates took place at a university.

It was the weirdest thing. There was me, having been one of the world’s most famous people, a member of The Beatles, suddenly playing in this semi-professional band kind of thing.

Prior to the show, Wings visited Denny Laine’s parents in Birmingham.

The Wings University Tour took place in the UK over eleven days in February 1972, and visited Nottingham (9 February), York (10), Hull (11), Newcastle upon Tyne (13), Lancaster (14), Leeds (16), Sheffield (17), Salford (18), Birmingham (21), Swansea (22), and Oxford (23).

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