Travel: London to New York

The Beatles left England at midday to fly to America to begin their second tour of the United States.

Their flight from London Airport was seen off by 1,000 fans. The group arrived at New York’s JFK Airport at 2.30pm local time, and were greeted by crowds of reporters and cameramen. The American fans, however, were unable to see The Beatles, as the police had ordered that their aeroplane to be parked two miles from the main terminal.

The Beatles were driven straight to the Warwick Hotel on 6th Avenue and 54th Street, where they stayed on until 17 August. They gave a press conference, directed by their press officer Tony Barrow, for around 250 reporters.

The group had the entire 33rd floor of the Warwick Hotel to themselves, with guards stationed on each entrance to keep out unwanted guests.

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