Recording: The Night Before, You Like Me Too Much

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith

The third studio session for the Help! album involved work on two songs: ‘The Night Before’ and ‘You Like Me Too Much’.

The Night Before single artwork - Japan

The first session took place from 2-7pm. The Beatles recorded Paul McCartney’s ‘The Night Before’ in two takes plus overdubs. These included double-tracked vocals, and an electric piano part by John Lennon.

At this stage in the album’s recording process, George Harrison’s ‘You Like Me Too Much’ was likewise intended for the Help! soundtrack, although it was later moved to side two.

The song was completed in eight takes during a 7-11pm session. Track one had Harrison on acoustic guitar, Lennon on tambourine, McCartney on bass guitar, Starr on drums, and George Martin on Steinway piano.

Harrison double tracked his lead vocals, with backing from McCartney in places. Harrison then added a guitar solo, Lennon overdubbed a Hohner Pianet electric piano part, and McCartney added piano during the song’s solo and coda.

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