Recording: I Need You, Another Girl, Yes It Is

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith

The Beatles’ second recording session of 1965 involved work on two songs for the Help! album, plus the completion of ‘Yes It Is’, the b-side of the ‘Ticket To Ride’ single.

In the morning The Beatles and Brian Epstein visited EMI’s headquarters in Manchester Square, London, where company chairman Sir Joseph Lockwood presented them with awards, gold discs and gifts from around the world. Among them was the Carl Alan Award, given to the Best Group of 1964, and a set of traditional Japanese dolls from EMI’s Japanese arm.

Two recording sessions took place in the afternoon and evening, both in Abbey Road’s Studio Two. The first lasted from 2.30-5pm, and began with overdubs onto George Harrison’s song ‘I Need You’.

The song’s backing track had been recorded the previous day. During this session, track four – containing vocals by Harrison and Paul McCartney, and cowbell by Ringo Starr – was wiped, and Harrison added a new lead vocal part, with harmonies from McCartney and John Lennon.

Harrison’s guide vocals on track two were replaced with more vocals from Lennon and McCartney, as well as cowbell by Starr and Harrison’s Rickenbacker 12-string guitar, the latter played using a volume foot pedal. The effect was used again for ‘Yes It Is’ during the same recording session.

Ticket To Ride single artwork - Netherlands

I could never coordinate it. So some of those, what we do is, I played the part, and John would kneel down in front of me and turn my guitar’s volume control.
George Harrison

As with ‘I Need You’, the basic track for McCartney’s ‘Another Girl’ had been recorded on the previous day and was completed during this session. McCartney overdubbed a solo guitar part onto track two of the multitrack tape. This also had the previous day’s rhythm guitar parts – Lennon on Fender electric and Harrison on Gibson acoustic – and it appears that those parts needed to be performed again during the solo.

Between 7 and 10pm The Beatles recorded ‘Yes It Is’, written by John Lennon as an attempt to replicate the success of ‘This Boy’. The Beatles recorded 14 takes of the rhythm track, after which Lennon, McCartney and Harrison overdubbed their vocal parts simultaneously.

Also added, at the same time as the vocals, were rimshots by Starr and a pedal-controlled guitar part by Harrison.

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Recording: Ticket To Ride, Another Girl, I Need You
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